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The Meet-Me Network©
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With this kind of capacity in our “Meet-Me Network”©, getting from point A to point Z using MNS is a cinch.

Metcom Network Services’ “Meet-Me Network”© gives you access to:

• Over 35 suites within 60 Hudson Street, NYC
• Access to Multiple Meet-Me rooms in the NYC Metro Area
• IP Access to Several European Cities
• Over 300 Carriers within our network

MNS provides hardened collocation space, ANSI and CCITT carrier services, protocol conversions, engineering services and the technical expertise you need to access and activate new facilities. At this critical juncture where telecom and datacom are about to merge, MNS has deployed both architectures in a manner that allows seamless transition for customer networks. MNS' engineering staff is ready to help you plan and implement these changes into your network.

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